Manufacturers Exporters & Suppliers of Formed Way Wipers, Way Wipers Systems-C2

By utilizing modern machines and sophisticated techniques that are completely in tandem with industry laid norms we fulfill your custom formed way wiper needs. We further excel in producing SK wipers and bellows that efficiently protect guide way of the machine with excellent wiping results. CNC covers produced by us are favored by leading CNC machine manufacturers within India and abroad. Our products are known for several attributes like flawless designs, quality consistency, hassle-free functionality, and amazing cost-effectiveness.

Superb finishing, user-friendliness and prolonged life are assured for entire product categories as these are designed, manufactured and thoroughly checked by trained professionals who have vast knowledge and expertise in the industry. Our rubber washers, rubber oil seals and O-rings, rubber bellows, rubber couplings, CNC guide way wipers, etc. are specifically designed to align with clients’ application needs from varied sectors like engineering, garment, chemical and pharmaceutical, household appliances and many more.

As a leading rubber product manufacturer, we promise a long-term fulfilling and stable relationship with every client!

Multi-Utility Products

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of moulded and extruded rubber products. Following is the product range of Esskay Polymers:

For Hydraulic Application: U-Seal, V-Seal, Chevron Packing, Canvas Seal, Glyd Ring, V-Ring A & S Type, Oil Seal (MI, MO, MOC type) in Nitrile, Neoprene, Polyurethane, Viton Rubber, etc.

For Pneumatic Application: V-Seal, Diaphragm, Piston Seal, O-Ring, Slide Rings, T-Ring, Hydro Pneumatic Seals, etc. in Polyurethane Nitrile, Viton, etc.

Actuator Valve / Solenoid Valve: Rubber Diaphragm with Cotton, Nylon, Rayon, etc. in different rubber such as Viton, Nitrile, etc.

For Engineering Industry: Tailor-made Components as per the client's requirement and specification such as Gasket, O-Ring, Chevron Packing, Extruded Cord, etc.

For Garment Industry: Silicon Pad, Bottom Bush, Gauge Glass Bush, etc.

For Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Transparent Silicone Tubing, Colored Silicone Tubing, etc.

Guide Way Wipers for CNC Machines: EN1, EN2, C2, AB1, AB3, Formed Way Wipers, S.K. Wipers, Bellows, etc.

Our Vision

At Esskay Polymers, our commitment to our clients goes beyond putting them first. We are committed to helping them be first in everything they do. First to market with new products. First to seize new opportunities. First in profitability and customer satisfaction.

How do we fulfill the vision?
By being a different kind of Rubber and Rubber Products Company, with a different view of what it takes to help enterprising companies succeed today.

A Different Attitude: Our clients' business performance drives our focus. We ensure we have business- specific products, with deep experience built in, for every essential challenge our customers face.

A Different Value Proposition: It starts with choice. Esskay Polymers provides a wider range of solutions to exactly match the needs of our clients. Implementations are short, streamlined by the proven processes of our domain experts. Fewer resources are required to support and manage our products, too.

A Different Long-term Partner: Stable. Committed. The best. We extend customer value by constantly expanding our offerings.

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